Our Capabilities:


Building on over 30 years experience in the fishery sector we can offer a range of specialist services including:

  • Fishery Surveys and fish removals using a combination of netting and electrofishing   We have an extensive range of electrofishing equipment, allowing us to cover all sizes of waterbody, from small streams using lightweight back-pack equipment, through to large rivers using our purpose built electrofishing boom boat.  A variety of nets allows us to tackle a similarly wide range of stillwaters with confidence   
  • Scientific consultancy input into all aspects of fisheries ecology.  We have extensive experience of low flow studies (including the use of PHABSIM), water quality perturbations affecting fish, and the impact of physical channel manipulation on fish habitat and stocks. Company director Vaughan Lewis has authored a number of key publications, including three habitat management manuals for the Wild Trout Trust, and the National Trust's fishery management policy     
  • Design and build of habitat restoration schemes on streams and stillwaters.  Windrush AEC Ltd have managed large projects on behalf of the EA, Wild Trout Trust, and a number of rivers trusts.  We have a proven reputation for innovative and practical solutions for habitat enhancement, and are past joint winners of the annual WTT conservation award
  • Protected species surveys for white-clawed crayfish.  The company has held a white-clawed crayfish licence for a number of years, and has carried out work for a number of clients including the National Trust, Natural England and the Wild Trout Trust
  • Advice on the control and treatment of aquatic macrophytes and algae.  Director Vaughan Lewis is BASIS registered for the provision of advice relating to aquatic herbicides
  • Management advice for stillwater and riverine fisheries, including the creation and development of new fisheries

We have recently become more involved with land use issues, particularly the impact of intensive agriculture on river processes.  See the footage below of Vaughan Lewis at the recent 'Real Farming Conference' in Oxford